Folded & Hung at Marquee

“Folded & Hung is an all Filipino modern casual wear brand for the new generation of men and women. The brand’s iconic campaigns featuring Sam Milby and Angel Locsin have made it one fo the most recognizable retail brands in the country today, boasting a growing network of 61 stores nationwide.”

Last July 16, 2017, Folded & Hung held its grand opening at Marquee Mall Pampanga. I was fortunate enough to be there to join the fun. Allow me to share my experience via this video below:

The fans went crazy when they saw their favorite celebrities. F&H couldn’t have chosen a better set of ambassadors for their brand.

I went to the event with fellow bloggers Khai Nunag ( and Sedrick Aldrin Chavez. You can check their instagrams out too! They are @khainunag and @domingoaldrin, respectively.


*mandatory group mirror shot. lol* Check out all the fab clothing behind us! Would you be able to resist buying? I sure couldn’t. I bought a denim jacket right away. I’ll show it to you guys for my next ootd, I promise.


What are you waiting for then? Visit the shop ASAP!

xoxo ~ Janine



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