Says Sonia

“I was rather free, and I always did what I wanted to do, sometimes without listening to the people who warned me not to do this or that.” ~ Sonia Rykiel

Last year, I made the huge decision, regardless of the violent reactions of the people closest to me, of quitting my job and pursuing my passions instead. To many who read my blog articles, this is a story that has already been heard a million times. I sacrificed plenty. I saved up to pay for my tuition fee. I searched for online jobs to support myself; working on weekdays as a blog article contributor and on weekend night shifts as a data researcher.

It has been a few months since school started. Time sure flies by so fast. It seems only yesterday when I could barely sleep, tossing and turning on my bed, thinking of what to expect when I enter SoFA Design Institute. I was excitedΒ but also worried. I had a lot of questions. “Would I fit in?” “Do I have what it takes?” “Am I in for the regret of a lifetime?” Months passed and can you believe it? School is almost over.

I did not get answers to my questions. Not literally at least. I did, however, stopped questioning and started believing. I believe in myself more now. I believe that standing out is better than fitting in. I believe that talent will only get you so far. You have to accompany it with hard work and dedication. I believe that I’m not the same person I was a year ago anymore. It is not that I changed, but rather, going to SoFA brought back the real me.

I believe that the Fashion Styling course not only made an impact on my style preferencesΒ but more importantly on my personal growth. I have no plans on going back to my old job. I have finally found something that is worth my blood and sweat. I don’t know yet what lies ahead for me after this course, but like what they say, “Fashion is all about taking risks.” I beleive life is also all about taking risks. If we don’t take risks, how would we know what we’re capable of?


*my outfit is inspired by Sonia Rykiel.Β That day we were asked to style ourselves and pay tribute to her.


Top – H&M Studio A/W 2016 Campaign | Skirt – Thrifted | Boots – Forever21

Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week

Last August 25th and September 1, my fashion styling classmates and I attended the 10th Season of Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week. It was held at House Manila VIP Honestly, believe it or not, it was my first time to attend a fashion show! Super thankful to our super stylish mentor for that opportunity. Hoping there would be many more to come. Fingers crossed! The shows were magical, and the after parties were crazy awesome.

For the September 1 show, the designers were Ramon Favila, Marllon Tabangcura, Naomi Ng, Rian Fernandez, Arby Binay, John Rufo, Jona Salac, Rafael Louis Gonzales, Adam Balasa, Charles Anito, Nico Agustin, Yako Reyes, and the line from Instinct.




As for the August 25 show, the designers wereΒ Jun Lee, Dauson Bermtay, Allan Laserna, Jozel Ignes, Edmir Lagui, Meann Santos-Ong, Jolex Ramos, Belle Villanueva and Che Aranjuez. Personally, my favorites were the collections from Dauson Bermtay and fellow SoFA student Belle Villanueva! She is one to watch out for! P.S. I wasn’t able to bring a decent camera for August 25th. Regardless the quality of photos, the clothes still look amazing! 😍