“Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead, let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” – Rumi

Hi everyone! I’m back in business. Be forewarned though, I am going through some major changes. You see, I’ve been utterly busy with my fashion styling apprenticeship and producing fashion editorials for my classes, and in the process, I felt my style, preferences, and aesthetics have constantly been changing. Come to think of it, a lot more about me has changed. Ever since I moved in to another city with new challenges, I have been doing things I never thought I could do before. My anxiety levels are high, but my perseverance refuses to be knocked down. I’m highly competitive in nature. Yesterday, I was telling a friend of mine that I can see that my classmates are improving, and I am beyond worried that I’m not. She reminded me that my biggest competition is myself. That I should figure out what my weaknesses are and what I should work on. She’s darn right.
My lifestyle has also been experiencing a lot of transformations. Let me be honest with you. The only reason I was able to post, to comment, and to like every single day on IG before, is that I had PLENTY of time. That was the time after I quit my microbiologist job and the only source of income (enough for my necessities) I had was an online weekend job. I was also staying at my parents’ place that time. I was in the process of completely healing my depressed state. Now, it’s completely different. I am sooooo busy. I don’t even have a constant source of income these days. I’m still figuring that out, because this girl needs to eat lol. (Also I do need to figure out how to fix my sched so that I won’t seem like I’m neglecting my blog and my insta family). But, this busy is good. It means I’m doing something worthwhile. The last time I was this busy was before I quit my job, and let me tell you there is a HUGE difference between busy bee me then and busy bee me now. Busy bee me now is HAPPY and constantly improving as a person. I feel like I’m heading in the right direction. I believe that’s the most important thing.
So don’t be afraid of changes. Don’t be afraid of taking risks, no matter how huge.


For my outfit, I’m actually wearing a High Neck See-through One Piece swimsuit with my shorts. This is another item I got from Zaful (link here and here). As for my rings, I wore a gold bar ring from Audaviv, along with my other H&M rings. It stands out though because it’s the only one different, which is just the way I like it. Daring to stand out amongst the crowd. 😉 I’ll post a close up photo soon on instagram.


Rings – Audaviv and H&M | Boots – Forever21 | Swimsuit – Zaful (pinterest, facebook) | Location – Prado Farms Pampanga

Twenty fifth

Things don’t always turn out the way you planned. Sometimes, they turn out even better.

When I was younger, I always imagined myself having stability by the age of 25. I guess it has to do with the environment I grew up in, wherein 25 is a point where you should already have a sense of direction in life.

Time flew and today I turn 25, and here I am on my bed, alone in a rental and trying to catch up on my blog work. And, from time to time, staring at a blank wall having writer’s block and thinking of ways to juggle the heaps of work I have for school, the blogging, and the figuring out of how to earn more money to keep me going. I’m a Food Technologist degree holder, who is studying again as a fashion styling apprentice and trying her luck in penetrating the fashion industry. By the way, if you are wondering if I ever have days wherein I regret quitting my already stable QA Microbiologist job, then let me answer it with no. I love where I am now and who I am turning out to be.

In my 25 years of existence, I have learned a few more things…

First, do what you want for yourself, not for anyone else. It comes hand in hand with not letting anyone hinder you from doing what you love and what you think would make you happy.

Second, be someone who can commit. Commitment isn’t only applicable to relationships. Commitment can be anything from making it a habit of eating breakfast every day to being persistent in pursuing your passions.

Third is one of my favorite mottos. NEVER DO MEDIOCRE. It’s cliché to say you should always do your best, but I’d say it anyways. Never settle for “that’s good enough”. Always go all out. It gets easier when it already becomes a habit. Sure it would stress me out often when the perfectionist and workaholic in me kick in, but boy oh boy that feeling when you see your finished work and you receive praises because of it is PRICELESS.

Fourth, never underestimate yourself. Also, never compare yourself to other people. A lot of us are guilty of this. We limit ourselves saying “I can’t do that” or “they’re better than me”. It took some time, but I did end up learning that the only limits I have are the limits I give to myself. Furthermore, we are all different, and that’s what makes us human beings great. Comparing yourself to someone else is pointless. The only competition you should think about is the competition you have with yourself. Always strive to be better than who you were yesterday. We are all capable of great things.

Fifth, the struggles in life are part of the journey and will always be what makes the destination more valuable. Sometimes, we have to be torn apart in order for us to grow and end up rebuilding ourselves into better persons.


On an unrelated note (well maybe related to birthday gift giving because it was sent to me), I love this Black Bowknot Self Tie V-neck Short Sleeve Blouse from Zaful. Wooh. That’s a loooong name. lol. If you want to get one too, link is HERE. Also visit their site HERE for more items you can shop!


Thoughts from Heidi

My friend posted this article by Heidi Priebe entitled “For the women who feel like ‘too much'” and I just wanted to share it with you all, because it spoke to me. This is originally from Thought Catalog and the link is here if you want to check it out there. 🙂

For the women who feel like ‘too much’ – you know exactly who you are.

You’re the ones who grew up always feeling different – feeling crazy, feeling brash, feeling just a little too passionate and fierce. You’re the ones who’ve spent your whole lives being told to bite your tongue, to sit on your hands, to settle down and shut up and quell your restless mind for just long enough to blend in.

To find your place within the calmer, cooler crowds.

You’re the ones who’ve always struggled to regulate your spirit. The ones who’ve felt the pull between the wild and the tame – the never-ending yearning to go and yet the underlying longing to stay. The constant need to explore further and yet the quiet desire to settle down.

You’re the ones who can’t find peace within yourself. Who have always wanted to try harder, run faster, push yourself further than the world around you ever expected you to go. You’re the ones with the expectations so high that even you can never live up to yourself. Even you can sometimes find your mind to be ‘too much’ for your body.

And yet you’re also the one who’s irreplaceable.

You’re the one who may always be a little too passionate, a little too reckless and too intense.

But you’re also the one who loves the hardest. Who fights the longest. Who refuses to cash in her chips and give up when the rest of the crowd has laid their swords down and gone home.

You’re the one who keeps pushing for the changes that need making. Who won’t sit down or shut up or settle down when what the stakes are rising higher than you’re ready for. You’re the one who’s not afraid to stand up when the rest of the world is staying silent.

You’re the one who may always be ‘too much’ for the people who are calm and complacent and steady.

But you’ll never be too much for the fierce ones.

You’ll never be too much for the ones who burn as brightly, who reel as wildly, who move as quickly as you.

You’ll never be too much for the people who want to experience the whole of life fully – arms wide open and spirit braced for whatever’s coming their way. You will always be just the right amount for the people who’s fire matches your own.

But there’s a catch-22 when it comes to finding them.

Because they’re not the ones sitting down. Shutting up. And listening to what they have been told their entire life to do.

They are the ones running ahead of the pack.

And if it’s not too much for you to handle,
It is up to you to run and catch up.