How to Style : BAGAN

*Posted originally on PASSIONISTA. Visit the page for more styling tips and gorgeous clothes to check out*

The off shoulder crop top is easily one of the biggest trends this year. We’ve seen plenty of celebrities and bloggers who are rocking shoulder-baring ensembles. An endless number of fashionable looks can be coordinated to work with this top. Go from comfy-casual to elegantly chic, it just depends on how you style it. Take for example Passionista’s popular off shoulder item, BAGAN. (which you can PURCHASE by clicking this LINK)


Below are five stylish ideas on how you too can work this versatile piece:

Look  #1:   Go for a chic monochromatic look by pairing your white BAGAN top with white straight cut trousers, a cool pair of pointy heels and some chic accessories.  Throw on an oversized white coat to complete the look.

Look  #2:   Pair your black BAGAN top with a suede button-down A-line skirt, and wrap around strappy heels. Feeling chilly? Try an oversized suede jacket.

Look  #3: Need to move around more? Why not make a statement with some classic overalls? Pair your BAGAN top with denim overalls and chic sneakers or flats and you’re good to go!

Look  #4: Going for a more feminine look? Pair your BAGAN top with a voluminous midi or full-length maxi skirt, depending on what you prefer.

Look  #5: Skinny jeans are everywhere, so why not be a trendsetter and bring back the ultra-classic flared jean? Not only do they make you look good from behind, they were totally made to be rocked with the BAGAN top. Wear cute neutral toned heels and a bright bag to add a pop of colour.

There are a plethora of ways to rock this cute and versatile top… just be creative and have fun with it! It’s such an easy-to-style piece that you don’t even have to over think or fret.  You can just brush your shoulders off and slay.  *wink*


5 thoughts on “How to Style : BAGAN

  1. Use to hate off-shoulder tbh. But these days they seem really cute and I think I can pull it off as well lol. And your post was really helpful. 🙂


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