Old friend in Oversized blazers


I spent a whole lot of time thinking about what to write for this blog entry. I couldn’t think of any. What’s funny is, lately I’ve been blogging a lot for others. I feel like I’m slowly becoming a full time blog contributor. Some of the blogging jobs I need for paying miscellaneous bills, while some give me exposure. It sounds like a good thing. It is. But, I initially wanted to become a blog contributor so that I could gain experience and improve my skills. I think along the way I forgot about that. I have become so busy for others lately, that I completely forgot about myself. It isn’t right that I spend many hours setting my keyboard on fire, because I’ve been typing so much articles I need to send out, and yet I stare blankly at my own blog site not knowing what to say anymore. I need some quality me time to reflect and get back on the right track.

There will always be times you lose track of things or just simply forget. Even clothes. Take a look at this oversized blazer I bought from Maldita. I have had this for ages, but totally forgot about it already. When I saw it again in my closet, I just HAD to wear it again. I love this item. The fabric is light and breathes well. It allows me to have a cold season look in this very hot tropical country I call home.


By the way, I would like to introduce to you my chubby baby. His name is Jolo. Jolo the Japanese Spitz.


Warning… candid bunny face below:


P.S. Sorry for the bunny face that could haunt you for life. Hoping you didn’t end up trying to copy it like I do every time I see this photo of mine.

Heels – Centropelle | Oversized blazer – Maldita | Ring set – H&M | Watch – Skagen


5 thoughts on “Old friend in Oversized blazers

  1. I know what you mean, I spend so much time writing for other reasons, job applications, general correspondence and yet it can take me a week or two to finish a post for myself! Tonight I am going to write for me!

    Anyway, onto the outfit. Such a good idea my love. I know I saw this look on your insta but seeing the outfit shots on here really highlights the look. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try the oversized blazer look with shorts but you make it look so good!

    P.S Bunnyface?? You make me LOL!

    LOVE xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh. Hi love!! Maybe we shoulde schedule when we should post on our blog. I think if we did, we’d make it a point to write for us on the sched date. haha. Would love to read what you wrote after you finish! 😀
      Notice my small hiatus on Insta? I’ve been soooo busy lately because school just got started and I still have other work duties and deadlines to think of. Need to catch up on everyone’s insta posts today. It’s 3:50am here now. HAHA
      Miss you!! Sorry for being MIA 😥


      1. Heya, I think we should schedule shouldn’t we! Aw, thank you, I got distracted but am aiming to complete it this week. I did notice your wee hiatus, please don’t ever be sorry though. We’ve all gotta do, what we’ve gotta do. I’m sending you much love and energy to get everything done! Miss you too but I know you’re not far away (in the internet world at least ;p) xoxox


  2. Wow love this look! I saw it on your ig before but I love all these pics! Long legs girl 😂💗👌🏻



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