Pursuit of Happiness


There was a point in my life when I just felt completely lost. I had a lot to be thankful for, but I always felt something was not quite right and that there was something missing. I got stuck in that state for a while. It was not a pretty sight. I had episodes of depression and anxiety. Imagine going home after work to an empty apartment and just crying for no apparent reason. You don’t know why you’re crying. It was like that weird PMS thing, except it did not go away with binge eating on chocolates. It ended up becoming worse. It came to a point wherein I was blanking out at work. I was a girl in a white coat, crying inside the laboratory while working. I thought I was going crazy. Eventually, I realized what was happening to me. I became conscious of it. And now, I’m going through a process of healing and finding myself. So far, I can share only few tips that I have already tried and tested:

  1. Step out of your comfort zone – have the courage to leave your comfort zone. It would open up a lot of possibilities and opportunities for you. My comfort zone was my previous work and lifestyle. I did not want to leave, because I already had a stable good paying job, even though I wasn’t really happy. I felt so limited. I couldn’t express myself. I couldn’t be myself. When I quit my job, I felt worried, but also felt like it was the right thing to do. I finally had the chance to explore anything and everything that I can do and would love to do.
  2. Be brave – this was tough. I had to have all the courage I could get to actually tell myself that enough is enough. It takes a lot of courage to remove you from that state of being stuck. What takes even more courage is the act of actually taking a plunge into that huge pool of risks and the unknown. Would I make it if I take this risk? Would I be ok if I step out? Would I not regret this?
  3. Go on a trip – it could be a long vacay or a short one, regardless, just go on a trip. Find yourself there. Have you seen that movie Eat, Pray, Love? Just find time to reconnect with yourself again. Remember who you really are, what you have become, and what you want to become. What you want to become is most important.
  4. Get balanced – some people say you have to plan things out, while some say you have to go with the flow. As for me, I say you need to do both. Plan things out. Just have some concrete goals that the go getter in you would be motivated to achieve. Do everything you can in your power to achieve those goals. In the process of achieving those goals, however, you would encounter bumps and forks that could lead you to a different path, that’s when you decide if you would go with the flow or stick to your plan.

Those are the only tips I know so far, but I’m still on the beginning of my journey. It’s no where near over yet, and I am hoping to learn a lot more along the way.

Life is full of choices you have to make. Your destiny is always up to you. You could make the journey bumpy or smooth, long or quick, but remember that you always have control over your life. Carry with you a big heart, great attitude, determination, perseverance, and a whole lot of courage, and you’re sure to achieve great things in life’s forever pursuit of happiness.



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