Back to Black

If you would notice, my featured images often show my self-portraits. I swore that I would make an artwork every time I make an outfit post. For this post, however,I used an artwork which is not a drawing of me. The one above is a drawing I made for a friend whom I recently just met. She’s beautiful. I couldn’t really capture it, because she’s beautiful both inside and out. You cannot really capture all of that.

My outfit post is inspired by my artwork this time. I went back to my element… black. I know they say that technically it’s not a color, it’s the absence of it, but it’s still my favorite “color”. I feel most comfortable wearing black items. I feel stronger and more confident when I’m wearing an all black or mostly black ensemble. I feel like I look good in it, and I think that is what’s most important. You have to feel good to look good.

I have an awesome new watch by the way, along with a new backpack that I would love to use for road trips and short travels. Get the backpack and the watch at Great Value Plus. They have a ton of great items there.



Favorite (obviously) boots – Forever21 | Dress – Random brand | Watch – New York Army | Bag – New York Army | Rings – H&M


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