Flowers and Rompers

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

Whilst pursuing a grand dream, you could get lost along the way and feel like you can’t go on and you can’t do it anymore. I know. I often feel that way. But, let me tell you this, don’t give up. When you feel like stopping, keep going. When you feel like you’re losing hope, ask yourself, “Would I regret it more if I failed, or would I regret it more if I never tried?”

The month of May is nearing. Enrollment is right around the corner. It would mark the start of my career changing adventure becoming harder and more eventful. Hoping I’d be able to conquer every struggle I face.Β So far, I’ve been meeting a lot of beautiful people who are giving me the inspiration and motivation that I need. Keeping them in my life and in my heart forever.


If you live in the Philippines like I do, then you and I both know the weather is scorching hot these days. That’s what urged me to buy this romper from Forever 21. I bought it on a sale day. There were A LOT on sale, but this one wasn’t. lol. I just had to buy it. It spoke to me. It’s cute. The floral print is lovely. *insert other excuses women make to justify their spending*




By the way, the necklace that I’m wearing is from Great Value Plus ( That’s also where I got my watch and backpack that were part of my last outfit post. Isn’t it lovely? I normally don’t wear necklaces, but just had to wear this one.


Floral Romper – Forever21 | Boots – Forever21 | Necklace –Β Zumqa (

Back to Black

If you would notice, my featured images often show my self-portraits. I swore that I would make an artwork every time I make an outfit post. For this post, however,I used an artwork which is not a drawing of me. The one above is a drawing I made for a friend whom I recently just met. She’s beautiful. I couldn’t really capture it, because she’s beautiful both inside and out. You cannot really capture all of that.

My outfit post is inspired by my artwork this time. I went back to my element… black. I know they say that technically it’s not a color, it’s the absence of it, but it’s still my favorite “color”. I feel most comfortable wearing black items. I feel stronger and more confident when I’m wearing an all black or mostly black ensemble. I feel like I look good in it, and I think that is what’s most important. You have to feel good to look good.

I have an awesome new watch by the way, along with a new backpack that I would love to use for road trips and short travels. Get the backpack and the watch at Great Value Plus. They have a ton of great items there.



Favorite (obviously) boots – Forever21 | Dress – Random brand | Watch – New York Army | Bag – New York Army | Rings – H&M

Fly in Style

It’s been an eventful week. Last Tuesday I went to Zamboanga with my mother to attend an event at Edwin Andrews Air Base. I chose to wear something appropriate for the event. No tummy showing that day that’s for sure. This is another side of me. The prim and proper lady side. But, to be honest, I was trying hard not to show my crazy weird self. lol.

We rode in style – military style. It wasn’t my first time to ride a C130, but this was my first time to ride it consciously. I was only 2 years old the last time I did so. My father also took me on helicopter rides when I was a tiny shrimp, so I don’t have any recollection of the cool things I used to do.

We went back to Manila the same day and headed straight to the hospital. My grandfather had a surgical operation. He’s getting better now and recovering well. I have a tough and stubborn papaw; same as his granddaughter.


Vest – Thrifted | Skirt – Thrifted | Top – Forever21 | Shoes – Aldo | Bag – Charles&Keith

*Necklace – was given when we arrived at the airport. So cute! I love how it matched my outfit.

*credits to Bianca Parra and Tina Parra (my lovely cousins) for these photos of me