Black and Blue

Last Christmas, I was given an over-sized Lee denim shirt. The rest was history after that. Me and my denim shirt have been inseparable. It’s one of my favorite items in my closet. It’s both comfy and stylish, and I’m a s*cker for those.

What can you do with a denim shirt? I think the better question is, “What can’t you do with a denim shirt?” Wear it with colorful jeans, with white jeans, with leather bottoms, with a dress, with a skirt, with another denim item, with shorts…go crazy with it if you want. I usually wear it as a cover up, or as an oomph provider. I made that up, but it should make sense. Right? Oomph provider… an item that instantly gives your outfit that extra little something when you add it.


Boots – Forever21 | Shirt – Lee | Top – Bazaar | Pants – Bazaar | Watch – Esprit

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