Gone Granny Gray

I am currently in the process of reinventing myself. I started doing so just this year. I will go in depth with this  soon, but for now I am just going to share one of the things I did for my Project Pursue Your Passions. I got a makeover.

I decided I should go with something radical or harder to pull off. Why? I need something that would require me to gain more confidence. My aim is to become better than who I was before, to stand out, and to bring back that carefree little girl whose imagination was as vivid as reality. Granny hair has been trending, but in my country, not a lot of people are jumping in on the bandwagon yet. I have been seeing a lot of photos online, and I think it looks great. Thus, after a lot of research and thinking if I could pull it off, I decided, “What the heck? Granny hair it is then.”

With the help of one of my best friends, I have come up to the decision to go gray at Azta Urban Salon in Eastwood. The staff was very friendly and accommodating.  Eastwood branch’s Creative Director Jo Tubato even helped us regarding our inquiries on what we could do with our hair and what would work. If you are on a strict budget, Azta asks you first what your budget is and then computes and figures out how you could get the hair you want using the money you are willing to spend. Great huh?

I started off with this hair color. It’s more of a very light brown color. I got it colored only once after growing out my pixie. I learned from Ms. Jo that it would be easier to bleach my hair to a pale yellow (needed prior to dying it gray) if your hair has had no treatments or dyes prior to bleaching.


From this hair color, I was told that they needed to bleach my hair three times. The process takes a long time to finish. Do not worry though, the staff makes sure you are ok. They even have complimentary drinks. The milk tea they make is yummy! My friend had 3. haha.

Please note that they are professionals and they add hair protecting treatments while bleaching. If you are going to do the bleaching yourself at home, it is best that you DO NOT do all bleaching cycles in a single day. Do it gradually to avoid damaging your hair so much.



(After getting my hair bleached, I thought of going blonde next time. haha.)

  • Another helpful tip: Prior to getting your hair bleached, remember that it has to be in its best condition. Use deep conditioners. And, it is best you do not wash your hair a day before the bleaching session. That way your hair and scalp will get some protection with the natural oils produced on our heads.

After bleaching my hair, they also added purple toner in order to remove the brassy tones from my hair. Next step, dye it gray!

And there you have it. That is how I went gray. :*

Processed with VSCO


More tips:

  • If you are thinking of going gray yourself, you should also buy purple shampoo/conditioner for maintenance. I bought one at Azta. It cost me Php 1500. It was more convenient than searching online and waiting for the product to come. Just like what I have mentioned before, you need to use toner on your hair to prevent the brassy yellow tones from appearing. Do not use shampoo with sulfates if you want your gray color to last.
  • Avoid using heat tools.
  • Do everything you can to nourish your hair again.


Below are some photos of granny hair I found on the internet that I really liked. Hoping these would give you some inspo! :*

Image Sources:


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